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A Puzzle is a simple but enjoyable game that let your target audience use their brain a bit extra.

And if its to hard you can always decide to add a Clue to help participants long the weigh

Simply create your own Puzzle by uploading an image of your logo, a product or something else that have a connection with your brand. Fill in what the right answer is and our system will take care of the rest.

See who used the Clue or not, and give participants different engagement points based on their choice.

All users will be notified 1 day after the competition have ended with a message regarding if they had the right answer or not.

All participant get engagement points for completing the activity and people who had the right answer get extra points.


Enable your partners to sponsors the activity

Add their logo before or after the activity is completed and measure how many people that have seen the logo.

Enable your sponsors to create a fun and interactive game to build brand awareness and a deeper understanding of what your fans know about their brand.

Upload a image with the brand logo, a product or something similar that have a connection to the sponsor. Use the Pussel tool to scramble the image and see if your the participants can put it all together.


Measure the amount of right and wrong answers. Use the insights to improve your or your partners brand awareness.

Incentivize Reward people with engagement points if they complete the activity. Give away some free merchandize, a gift card, discounts, etc. to incentivize them. Create a leaderboard based on the amount of right answers and establish weekly, monthly and yearly based competitions, where the winner with the most right answers wins.

Create a Smartest-People-Award and give it to a winner with the most right answers over a period of time.

Post the leaderboard and winners on social media to create user-generated-content.


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