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Improve the experience before, during, and after every game, show your appreciation, improve customer satisfaction & increase your revenue

fan expereince


Gamedayz makes it easier to create personalized relations with ALL your fans, through the power of engagement

Increase the engagement with fans before, during and after each game by sending out messages, digital competitions and activities through, your website, social media, mail and SMS 

✓ Create a smoother experience for fans by adding all important info, links, websites, and news-channel in 1 place 

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Incentivize yourfans

Attract more loyal fans by showing your appreciation by: 

Giving them loyalty points for each activity they complete

✓ Relations-driven communication
✓ Unique and VIP content

Increase loyalty

Understand your fans on a personal level, customize the fan experience and increase the loyalty

✓ See who your most engaged fans are

✓ Create fun loyalty levels to categorize your fans with

✓ Reward fans for their engagement with offers and discounts from the club and partners

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