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Create digital activities

Gamedayz let you create interactive content that benefits the clubs, its fans and sponsors all in one.

By using digital activities to engage your fans in, your fans will no longer be anonymous likes on your social media posts. With digital activities you will have a be chance of understanding your fans, building a stronger relation with them and increasing your revenues. Gamedayz is packed with fun activities that you can engage your fans with.

  1. Vote for most valuable player

  2. Play a quiz

  3. Guess who like make the first score/point

  4. Guess what the end result will be

  5. Can you solve the Riddle

  6. Or figure out the Anagram

  7. Maybe an Rebus is something for your fans

  8. Or how about a Pussle

  9. Or a Wordpussle

  10. Create a digital treasure hunt

  11. Q&As

  12. Feedback forms

Easy to say is that we have something for everyone.

Check out each and every activity to see how it works


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