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If you are in the mindset of building your own app you might want to look at other alternatives first. Building an app is expensive and as we discussed in other articles, it1s hard to build the right incentive and getting people to download it. However there are other options that could give you the same outcome as an app, even better, for a smidge of the cost.


This is a question many people ask, and whether it is a strategic choice or because apps are trendy, well that's debatable.

There is a lot of benefits of developing your own app. The biggest reason to develop a custom app is to create a better way to interact with your customers, then whats provided today. Some reason is that having your own app enable you to control the content, the user experience and data yourself. Which means you do not become dependent on other systems.

However, everything comes down at a cost or the economical benefits you can gain from developing your own app.

KEEP IT SIMPLE One reason why social media is growing is becuase we as user/companies can use an existing ecosystem and get access to million or billions of user without adding too much cost to our business. However, there is a backside, these platforms make money on advertising which means that to reach as many people as possible you need to buy ads. In our article ORANGIC REACH, WHAT'S THAT? you can read more about how platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, change their platform to get people to buy more and more ads.

Even though there is a downside the upside is so much bigger! Using an existing ecosystem means that you do not have to worry about people using the platform, you do not have to incentives them to download your app or spend hour and hours on developing a good customer experience.

Another thing to keep in mind is that other companies / accounts are doing their best to engage their target audience on these platforms and if you share the same audience you their content are benefitting you as well.

All you have to do is engaging your target audience so they start following your account. Create interesting updates, fun competitions, give-aways and other great strategies to drive the engagement. Then form your account you can link them to you website, webshop, or other web-based links.

However, there are other options then the social media platform which can take you even one step closer to a app-based feeling you might be looking for. Let me introduce you to Messenger!

With it 1.3 Billion users Facebook Messenger have become an more an more important way for business to engage with their audience.

Messenger have become what e-mail was back in the old days, and even more.

However, maybe you are thinking that you can't afford having an employee that could answer all the messages your customers might have when you do even have the time to answer it on mail. Well the beautiful part is that you do not have to. With Zlingit you could automate you customer support and answers questions that your customers might have. Your customer gets answers to their question within seconds, which will increase the customer satisfaction.

Red more about why you should use Messeger for your customer support, here

Customer support is only one of many reasons why you should start using Messenger. Oter reasons are:

- Improving efficiency on your ads

- Lowering ad spend

- Communication

- Loyalty

So why should you use Messenger for engaging your customer? Read more about that in the next article, read our different use cases or check out our features which can be integrated with messenger


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