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This is a question many people ask, and whether it is a strategic choice or because apps are trendy; is sometimes debatable. There is a lot of benefits of developing your own app. The biggest reason to develop a custom app is to create a better way to interact with your customers, then is provided today. Some reason is that having your own app enable you to control the content completely yourself and do not become dependent on other systems.

However, everything comes down at a cost or the economical benefits you can gain from developing your own app.

KEEP IT SIMPLE! One reason why social media is growing, becuase we as user/companies can use an existing ecosystem and get access to million or billions of user without adding too much cost to our business. However there is a backside, these platforms make money on advertising. To get as many people as possible to buy ads they decrease the organic reach which force companies to buy ads to reach a bigger audience. In our article ORANGIC REACH, WHAT'S THAT? you can read more about how platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, disable and control your interaction with your customers.

The benefit with Messenger is that your message will always reach 100% of your users. If you start using Messenger, the likelihood is that your customers already have it on their phone. As a result, the barrier of downloading a new app disappears and you exclude the risk of having an app that nobody is using + you will be able to reach 100 % of your customers! It's a win - win situation.

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