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Treasure Hunt

Create a digital Treasure Hunt to activate your fans. This is a great activity for families or if you want to create a fun happening.

You can set up both a digital and a physical treasure hunt through the system. The difference is where you put the different clues that lead to the treasure.

Start by setting up a number of tasks that the person must solve (riddles/questions/anagrams/rebus/etc.)

2. Put them in numerical order, where each task leads the player to the next and finally towards the treasure 💰💰💰💰💰

3. Place the task in different places (digital or physical). ______________ Sponsors Places the task/clues at your sponsors physical stores or websites.

This way you can get your fans to visit your partners' websites, physical stores or take a tour of the town or arena


5. The person gets the first clue in Messenger that describes where they can find the first task to solve.

6. Once they find the task (ex a Riddle) they will answer task in messenger. By answering the task correctly, they will get a new clue which will lead them to a new place (digital or physical) where they will get the next task.

7. This continues until the treasure is found. 8. The Treasure can be a bigger reward or maybe a prices form each sponsor, or why not a gift card for some fun outdoor activities. You decide for yourself

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