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Subscribe to news updates

Enable your fans to subscribe to your news updates, what type of news they want and when they want to receive it. Get a better understanding of what your fans actually want to read about and how often they want their updates. How it works

  1. Add all your different social media channels, news sites, newsletter and more to the application

  2. Customize news categories with unique # on your social media posts.

  3. Our system collect your news updates and deliver it in Messenger to the right person and at the right time

  4. Avoid sending out to many updates and irritating your fans.

Reach out with your news more effectively then email and social media! _________________________ We are all tired of companies spamming our inboxes with campings etc. that we do not want or read. Sadly this have lowered the average open rate on emails to 7 %. Meaning if you have 10.000 fans, only 700 people will open your mails on average. If you think that is bad, wait until you know how many people you will reach on average with your social media posts. We all know that social media is important, however it becomes harder and harder to reach your followers. Why is that? Wells its because the algorithms are trying to push for the most relevant content to its user. Each platform are ranking the quality of your post based on the engagement, amounts of likes, comments, re-shares, it gets. The average organic reach (non-payed) on social media post are 0.9 %. Meaning that out of your 10.000 fans only 90 people will see your post on average.

With Gamedayz you will be able to reach 100 % of your users

  • 80-90 % always open their Messages on Messenger

  • 1.3 billion people already use Messenger, meaning no new app have to be downloaded

  • 750 million active users every day

  • More then 20 Billion messages are sent every day

  • Messenger is more frequently then facebook and Instagram.

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