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A Puzzle is a simple but enjoyable game that let your fans use their brain a bit extra.


Enable your sponsors to create a fun and interactive game to build brand awareness and a deeper understanding of what your fans know about their brand. Upload a image with the brand logo, a product or something similar that have a connection to the sponsor. Use the Pussel tool to scramble the image and see if your fans can put it all together. Incentivize your fans by giving them a reward that the company would sponsor. It could be a free coffee, gift card or something similar. Measure how many people that played and how many that could solve it. Use the insights to help your partners improve their brand awareness so they can build a better relation with your fans.

Club Take a picture of a player, apply the same procedure, and see which fans are the most engaged with your club Reward your fans with loyalty point if they can solve it and let them enter a raffle

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