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Loyalty Systems Part 3: Use Rewards Properly

In part 1, we discussed how important it is that the rewards are in focus. The fact is that it is quite difficult to get someone to crawl through a tunnel if you do not see the light on the other side once you start.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Either you studied hard before the test or maybe you thought something else was more important. Anyway, if you studied hard, it would be very devastating if you did not get to know their result or worse got an IG. You would probably feel that the test was bad, the teacher can not teach properly or anything else. Simply put, would be quite dissatisfied.

If we go back one step further, you have to know what motivated you to study so hard from the beginning. Maybe it was that good grades lead to a better future career, increased weekly allowance, hanging out with friends or going to sports training? The fact is that it is quite difficult to motivate someone to do something if they do not see the point of it all or if there is no clear goal.

That is why it is so incredibly important to finish the finish line from the beginning and the same applies to the loyalty system. You need to build your levels based on the value it creates for the user. One way is to differentiate the rewards depending on how much money they cost.

The effect of being characterized as an exclusive fan can strengthen the relationship with the audience

You should have a clear picture of what is included in each level to paint out what level the person wants to reach. Some will settle for level 2 and some will want to reach the highest level. It's inevitable but it will make it easier for you to distinguish your most dedicated fans with successful supporters.

Tailor-made communication based on member / fan level.

When you know what level your fans are at, you can more easily give the right offer to the right person. Possibly the person who is at the highest level is more tempted to buy next year's season ticket at VIP places compared to the one who has just become a member.

The strength of the subscription fee based on status

According to a survey, 65% of millennials (more about millenials) choose subscriptions with a fee if what is offered is sufficiently attractive based on offers and other benefits. Be sure to offer different prices for subscriptions and offer different offers and benefits, such as getting special news about the club, participating in raffle tickets and other competitions and maybe sharing special videos from trainings and more.

Theme days for increased commitment

Make use of theme days where the person earns double points through their involvement in the system or through the purchase of match tickets or a certain souvenir. Use the system to trigger the willingness to buy by sending out "when buying X before the end of the month, you can go up one level".

Fixed and variable offer

Apart from a fixed loyalty system that always applies based on the person's level, you can also use variable offers that apply during a specific time frame or if the person participate in an activity.

For example; everyone who answers these questions gets a free coffee or come to the next home game and get free food and drink. If the person later does not go to that match, it is up to him. This can also be a way to attract the audience to different matches that usually have a smaller audience.


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