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Loyalty systems part 1: How do you work with loyalty systems?

We have all SEEN, HEARD or USED it!

Loyalty systems are something that has been around for many years and is something that many people know how they work. You get a special card or register with the driver's license. Then for each purchase you collect a point. These points can then be exchange for discounts or coupons at the store or their partners. Most time theses discounts will be sent home to your address or registered once you scan your driver license. Some very common examples are our grocery stores ICA, COOP, Willys etc. (Swedish food markets)

But why should you use a loyalty system

Simple, it's about building RELATIONSHIPS !!

If I ask you the question, why do you shop where you shop? is it the prices, the treatment in the store or the company's values? Whatever it is, the relationship to the brand, the product, the pricing plays a big role for you, even if you do not think about it. (We will release a post where we talk more about the brand and its meaning)

The relationship between customer and brand is not only created through a pleasant attitude, but it is created by a transparent strategy (communication, behavior, etc.) that leads to an awareness of your brand. In the corporate world, this means creating the opportunity for recurring communication that contributes to recurring customers.

But the most important meaning of a loyalty system is that you as a company or club can collect data about your customers. The loyalty system allows you to see how often a person participates in an activity, if they use discounts, how engaged the person is within your club, etc. You want to know this to take the relationship to a new level. You want to know this to create a PERSONAL communication and relationship with every individual.

Imagine that you receive a message:

Alt 1: Hello, Do not forget that it is a match tomorrow! Secure your ticket today

Alt 2: Hi Tobias, Tomorrow is the home match and since you have been such a phenomenal supporter who collected over 2200 SEK for the club, we want to invite you to exclusive pre-talk before the match. Of course we also offer match tickets for you and a friend 😁

Surely Alt 2 is a little more personal ?! In this case, the loyalty system has, for example, data on how many matches I have been to or how many activities I have participated in. Via the system, you can then send a more personal message to the fans.

How can sports clubs apply a loyalty system

Gamedayz loyalty system enables sports clubs to easily create a more committed and loyal customer base.

By contributing an increased contact area before, during and after each match with the help of digital competitions, news updates, discounts, unique offers and much more, we can enhance the audience experience and improve the relationship.

But how does it work?

The system senses the person's involvement in the system. The collected points are characterized by a sum of money that the person has collected for the club. In this way, we create additional incentives about why one should get involved in the system because the individual through his involvement also becomes a sponsor of the club.

It is important not to forget that the main thing with the loyalty system is to show appreciation to your customer through some kind of reward. Which you can do through discounts, coupons, offers, invitations from you and your partners.

Use different levels

Use different levels of loyalty to characterize a fans engagement. Do not use Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Level 1, 2, 3. Use fun headlines that have a clear connection to your club. Then give unique offers to each level. In this way, the levels can become an additional incentive that pushes people to increase their engagement.

Use these levels to nominate the supporter of the week, month or year and share on your social media. It can be a new and fun way to involve your supporters more in your communication channels


The benefits of loyalty systems include:

  1. Better relationships with your fans

  2. More references that speak well of your organization or club

  3. Sustainable and cost-effective, instead of spending budget and time finding new paying fans, it provides an opportunity to communicate with those who already exist.

  4. Your fans / members are more likely to buy more and more products

8 steps for a successful implementation of a loyalty system

  1. Invent a charming name for your loyalty system

  2. Create and communicate a deeper meaning and the benefit of the system

  3. Create points and levels that sound more adventurous and entertaining

  4. Reward fans / members' actions in connection with purchases and commitment to the system

  5. Offer more than just regular discounts

  6. Create different levels to engage your audience and provide unique offers for these levels

  7. Create different missions and competitions to earn more points

  8. Highlight your most engaging audiences in your social media and news releases


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