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First Score/Goal/Point

Enable your fans to guess who will make the first score.


Alt 1. Enable your partners to sponsor the activity and display their brand before or after the activity is completed.

Measure how many fans that saw the logo Alt 2. Enable your fans to sponsor a player. If that player make the first score, create a social media post including the sponsors logo and the amount of people who guessed it right.

Club Reward your fans with loyalty point if they complete the activity. The fans that guessed the right player will get a Message, the day after the game, and additional points added to their profile. You can also give out a price, free merchandize or a gift card to incentivize your fans further. Create a leaderboard based on the amount of right, or nearest, predictions your fans make. Establish a weekly monthly, and season based competition.

Create a Best-First Goal-Prediction-Award which the fan with the most accurate predictions get in the end of the season. Let them know the grand price in advance to create a even bigger incentive.

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