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Case Study - Umeå BSKT

Umeå BSKT is a Umeå based basketball team that plays in Sweden's highest league, SBL, since 2014.

Umeå BSKT contacted us because they wanted a better way to engage with their fans on and off the arena, 365 days a year to create a more loyal fan base. The business objective was to get more people to the arena and increase ticket revenues.

Since Umeå is a city where the competition for sponsors is hard they also wanted to look into new sponsor possibilities to attract new sponsors


Umeå BSKT launched their Digital Fan Engagement application, with our sports product Gamedayz, in August 2018. A solution that would enable fans to: Buy tickets

  1. Subscribe to news

  2. Compete in various competitions

  3. Vote for the MVP

  4. Collect "Engagement Points"

  5. And be rewarded for their loyalty


The system measures how many tickets a person buys and how often. A person gains Engagement Points for every ticket they buy. This data is stored within the system to create automated messages to people who are most likely to buy tickets for next game. Another great feature is that Gamedayz sends out:

  • Reminders to people that have not yet bought a ticket.

  • Reminders to people that bought a ticket to let them know the match is coming soon

  • Welcome messages to people once they enter the arena

  • Tank you messages for everyone that

If someone did not buy a ticket through Messenger the system will ask if the person plans to go to the game or not.

  • If yes: The system ask if it should reserve a ticket for them

  • If no: The system asks if the person is watching it online - If yes: The system logs the information and sends out a customized message that the club has set up. Then during the game, the system will send out; Vote for MVP or a Quiz Competition depending on what activities the club have activated - If no: The system logs the information and asking if the person wants the score updates for each quarter.

Competitions and rewards

Each person collects Engagement Points


This was the most crucial part for Umeå BSKT, will people actually use it. On the day of the launch, we added a roll-up at the front of the cash register where everyone buys their tickets. In total 80 % of their audience decided to enter the System.

On that match day, we had a Quiz competition where the winner would win free merchandise. The activity had an Engagement Rate of 87 %


50 % buys their tickets through the system

The Quiz competition and Vote for MVP have an average engagement rate of 53 % for each game


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