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14. Fan Engagement Platforms for brands

In the past few weeks, we spoke about how fan engagement can play a major role in sports sponsorship, how clubs can attract more sponsors using engagement strategies and how engagement tools can help in making sponsorship activities more efficient. But the use of fan engagement tools is not just limited to sports organisations. The brands who sponsor any sports organisation can also make use of said fan engagement tools to engage with fans of the teams they sponsor.

Brands, in the first place, begin their sponsorship with a particular club because they want to develop the fans of this team into their customers. The direct goal of each sponsorship activity might be different but the end goal remains the same, to create more customers and to generate more revenue. And hence brands can themselves leverage more out of a sponsorship deal on their own without relying completely on the club.

Brands can create social media campaigns for the fans from their own social profiles, they can engage with them on match days with special offers and by customising their communication based on the situation of the game. They can even create exclusive content around the game and the team which will make the fans engage with the brand even further.

It's the digital age where the customers are now smarter than ever. Fans no longer bother about sponsors who pay x amount of money to a club for getting their logo on a few places like the club t-shirt and around the stadium. Fans need to see sponsor creating value for the team and for the fans themselves, that's when they take note of the sponsors. That's only when a sponsorship can be considered successful.

Imagine your team won an incredible game last night, and today you wake up to a customised message from your team's sponsor not just congratulating you on the win but celebrating it with you and adding value to your emotions. These are brownie points that no paid ads can ever buy. A brand can do all this and more by using some easily available fan engagement tools and create digital activations that serve the purpose efficiently and effectively.

Brands can also use some of these tools in their normal day to day operations as well because their customers are in a way fans of their brand. And it's always good to keep your fans committed and engaged with you.

Gamedayz is our very own engagement tool designed for sports clubs and brands to convert their unknown fans into known fans and maximize their social media efficiency while creating meaningful returns out of your sponsorships.

Check out our Gamedayz product and see how it can enhance the fan experience, improve the sponsorship and increasing your revenues


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